9:01 P.M. Hi.

9:02 P.M. I miss you.

9:11 P.M. I thought that looking for you in strangers would help ease the pain, but it never did. I would only yearn more for the safe places in your body that wouldn’t be in anyone else’s. It only emphasized how incomplete I felt without you. I thought I could get a high out of your absence in the company of strangers.

9:15 P.M. As if it would kill my sadness.

9:16 P.M. As if it would close the void you left me with.

10:03 P.M. I know I am the only one living in the past. I’m the only one walking around with half a heart missing.

10:35 P.M. But my fingers feel cold. And I want to feel your hands warming up my cheeks again. I want to remember how it felt to fall asleep next to you. I want to look up into your eyes and see a happier reflection of myself in them. I want to remember how it felt to be in love with the minute details that make you whole—the way you blink, the way your eyes light up, the way you open your mouth to speak my name as though you were writing them in the air in cursive letters.

11:00 P.M. I miss you.

11:12 P.M. This is not a drunk text.

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Anonymous said:
Happy bday. I love you. i am in-love with you.

Wow, thank you. =)) Are you even sure?

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I pull away from people when they get too close. It’s how I am. It’s got nothing to do with anyone; the problem lies in me. It’s not like I enjoy hurting other people, but I’d rather not let them hurt me, so I run away from them instead. Because, honestly, being with people tires me out. Caring wears me out. Feelings wear me out. I enjoy my own company because I have less to deal with that way—it feels less lonelier, too. And though I’m often happy-go-lucky and I have friends to hang out with, I distance myself from them when the situation starts to pose a threat. I don’t hold on to people as much as they hold on to me. It’s not because I have something against them—it just feels safer that way. This is how I deal.This is how I’ve survived until now. Nothing, no one, can change that.

People see their minds as cages; I see mine as the safest place.

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Anonymous said:
How do you see life?

More than an obligation, I see life as a personal conquest.

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And soon enough,
we’ll both just be stories to tell—
about a love between two broken people
that could’ve worked out so well.

Would Have Beens

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"Master, you seem tired. Surely, you must need a hand?" (The Artist’s Dog)

A reminder for people who are too busy to take a break. Always make time for your loved ones—even for your dogs!

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Recently, I’ve been addicted to this anime/manga entitled Tokyo Ghoul. God, it’s too awesome to not fangirl over; trust me. Anywho, here’s an attempt to create a ghoul character (I wanted to draw either Kaneki or Touka, but maybe next time!). Also, terribly sorry for the ugly coloring. I’m still really bad at it, though I am trying to work on my coloring more. A few reminders would be nice (if you have any), so feel free to drop a message!

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Anonymous said:
Tips in painting? And do you use pentab or just deviantart? Tsaka tips po sa ustet? I really wanna be a part of UST. Since I was in 1st yr. HS. Thank You!

Hmm, I can’t really give you tips on painting since I’ve only just recently started painting myself—I can only tell you that painting is something you have to put into practice, and you need lots of it because believe me, it’s frustrating. Try to paint something every day (or draw or doodle, at least). I try to create art at least once a day. I have a drawing tab (if that’s what you’re asking), and no, I don’t have a DeviantArt(?) account.

Tips for USTet? To be honest, I didn’t prepare for the exams back then. I just walked into my exam room and answered every question (not necessarily with confidence since I was relying on stocked knowledge). I guess you just have to visualize this goal in your head and constantly remind yourself of where you want to be. If you really want something, work hard for it. If you’re taking the exam for your dream course, look straight ahead and do your best. It will get you to places.

Good luck with the USTet!

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I was going to draw Jack Frost originally, but I got frustrated because I really suck at drawing semi-realistic faces (and I really have to prepare for class now!) Soooooo I kinda ended up doing it half-assed and played around with it and left it unfinished instead. Drawing is so frustrating why am I even doing this hahaha meet Dark Frost guys k corny :( =)))

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12 July 2014: Advanced birthday celebration with my high school pals at my place + their failed “surprise" (HAHA). My mom cooked pasta and chicken for us, yay! Also, caramel cake from the friends, and a Black Forest and a Chocolate Mousse cake from the family the next day. I had the grandest time! Thank you, thank you!

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